Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fried Okra

My parents used to have a moderate size garden.  They had tomatoes, green beans, onions, yellow squash, and okra.  I hated picking the okra.  Everything about it was itchy.

My mom used to take that itchy stuff, and make the best fried okra.

A little corn meal, little flour, salt and pepper, and fry it in canola oil in an iron skillet.  I have my mother's iron skillet.  I was gifted with garden fresh okra a couple of weekends ago. So...what else was I supposed to do?

 I heated up the skillet with the oil until the oil smoked just barely.
The okra was already cut (nice!), so I added it in batches 
with flour, corn meal, salt & pepper.  
I used a zip baggy so that I could mix it well.
Fry until golden (or darker) brown, stirring occasionally.
Okra with rice, sliced tomatoes, London Broil, and broccoli.

It was yummy!
And, a lot like my Mom's.


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helen tilston said...

Sounds delicious.

Lots of work but worthwhile

Helen xx