Friday, March 13, 2009


Why is it that we all want to strive to do things, but are always so busy doing things, we never quite get to the things we want to do....confused. Me too. Me not we...always me.
Time...the need to, washing, cooking (want as well)... the want to things cooking, scrapping (scrapbooks), sewing, painting, decorating.
Need to but really want to things...cleansing of closets...both for myself and others! ha. Organizing of piles of stuff that seem to endlessly continue to grow...up and out... The garage, oh, the garage. It is such a want...a NEED...but takes every one's input, every one's want...and there are too many other things getting in the way. Work for one. Kids two. Life: three - one hundred!

Schedules? Do you make them up for something to go by, or do you not put anything in a schedule, and fly by the seat of your pants? I am in between...somewhere, in between!

Guilt? I have it when I sit down, and do nothing. I have it when I am with one child and not the other. I have it when I want to spend time with friends, not family. Guilt. Shameless guilt. No one makes me feel guilty - I do it to myself. Why? German - is my normal excuse. My mother was German, and so I must be productive, always doing something. My Lupus has put a thorn in my side about that. Really can't do everything that I enjoy (cleaning cobwebs -yes I enjoy this), and not rest or stress out about it. And, yes, I do stress about cobwebs. Doesn't everyone?

So, my goal after reading "The Pioneer Woman", and her purging of closets, and dressers for all 6 of her family...goodness! I can't keep the kitchen clean enough to eat in it. How does she do it...ah, yes, productive!

Goal this week...clean out closet! At least my closet. We will see. =)

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