Monday, March 2, 2009

Day One

Writing has never been easy for me. I write like I talk, around in circles, never seem to find an end. If you can stand to read further than today...good for you...and yes...for me.

My Family...
me, a 42 soon to be 43 princess of Christ...trying to understand Lupus, and limits, and life.
David, husband of 2 1/2 years, wonderful, patient, irritating.
Carmen, daughter, 16 years old, finding independence.
Stephen, son, 12 years old, still snuggles, trying to let go, to encourage growth.

We have a cat, Abagail, and a rat terrier (I actually believe he swallowed a rat terrier - he is huge), Dexter soon to be a year old.

David and I have been married since August of 2006. Blissful at times. Not really difficult. Easy. The way it should be with your partner. First time around was very difficult. Now, I just have to share parenting...and even then, really don't share it.

Carmen. She is very strong. Smart. Smarter, than I ever wished I could be. She gets that from the other side of the family...although...she can be blond most of the time. She has a sweet spirit, and loves being a princess.

Stephen. Boy. Young man. Coming into his own. Recently participated in Odyssey of the Mind Competition and they won 1st. Goodness. He has his own ideas, imagination. Loves Lego's. Loyal. Snugly.

Me. I love many things. I don't have a collection of any one thing...can't keep collecting long enough to have enough of anything. I love dolls, figurines, plates....tea settings...Disney prints...quilts (mainly made by my Mamaw) scrapbook supplies...but I can't accomplish any one task. I have finally started and finished now 2 albums. I am still working on my daughter's album. Ugh. Really.

Lupus. Diagnosed in May of 2006. It is a difficult (there is that word again), complicated disease for me. And others. You can't see that I am sick. Sick. What does that mean? So tired, that your eyes don't want to open. Hands hurt. swell. pain. Inflammation. everywhere, but really can't see it due to my weight. Yes, I am overweight - obese. Trying to get healthier, but it is easier eating junk foods, or even convenience foods. Sad. I need to exercise to lose weight, feel better. It hurts to exercise. So here I sit.

Okay - enough. I love to cook. I am trying to cook more and more, mainly to eat healthier, but also to save money.

I will post recipes as I take pictures...and taste along the way. I will try not to bore you.

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