Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Our vacation Bible school began yesterday...and I am officially in charge. I have been doing fine until yesterday - ha.  I am a good organizer, getting supplies, rooms ready, ordering what is needed, etc.  Getting up in front of people (even the majority of them children) really makes me nervous.  I have so far survived two days, but I have a great official director who has done this for years, and she makes it look very easy.

I will post pictures hopefully tomorrow, but I just wanted to update all of you of our happenings.

Oh, and cooking has been placed on hold for the week.  I plan to work up my menu (and grocery shop) next week so recipes should come along shortly.

Have a blessed week.

Jerry Ann

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helen tilston said...

Hi Jerry Ann

That is a big responsibility you have taken on being in charge of Bible school. Wishing you success and joy