Friday, December 11, 2009

Common Ground

I am truly amazed at God's blessings. 

I was approached several months ago by a new Mom and her infant to help a colicky child and a transition into motherhood.  

I prayed to have God show me what I was to be for them, and wow, has He shown me.

Common ground is uncommon in generations.  Bring an infant in, and it changes the scales.  Balanced.  Being reserved, and not being critical is crucial.  I can honestly say that I do not have it with my own children, my beautiful teenagers, but I do when God reminds me of my purpose.  Listen.  Amazing what ground can be covered when I do that.

The simple act of taking an infant from it's mother's arms and give loving care while the parents have dinner, can be a hard two hours for you and the child, but blissful for the parents.  And, really - it wasn't that difficult.  And, then there is a bond that is created between you, the parents, and child. 

How often do we get answers to prayers so quickly, and not even realize it?  I am amazed at God's love, and how wide it spreads, just by doing what He asks. 

Kind words, hugs, smiles, all of these are so simple, yet spread so very far.  You will never know how you affect someone by any of these things. 

Simple. Comforting.

Remaining on common ground with God ---well, now that is a different story. But, I am trying. 

Be an encourager, smile at someone today!

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