Saturday, December 19, 2009


Why is it that when you want to paint, it doesn't seem like it is that difficult?  But...then you start...and it takes forever.  Well, for my family, it does, just because we rearrange everything.

So.  We picked out sample colors, going from Tuscan Blue, to bright Sun Yellow. 

We choose a color called Moon Tide.  Really Moon Tide?  I thought the moon was pretty much black and white with some gray mixed in...but it is a green.  Vibrant.

It really isn't this bright...but in the pictures it seems more lime in color.

I found this in the garage!  I love finding things.  


This pretty much says it all. I love it.

Come by sometime.

Now to decorate for Christmas.  How many days are left? Oh, right - 6!  UGH!

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see it tomorrow night! It looks so cute! We are so excited that you are having us over. You guys are just too good to us. Love ya! ~Me.