Monday, December 7, 2009


Have you ever just got into a funk (a down mood) and really never feel that you can get out?

I feel that way.  Nothing is really wrong, just don't feel well.  And, it isn't just in body, but in emotions as well. It is really difficult to explain.  I don't think there really is an answer to it either.  Which really bothers me.  I want to "will" it to be better.  Me to be better. 

My body feels better than it used to, although sometimes it doesn't sound that way.  Fatigue is really getting me, and sometimes I feel that I can't get enough sleep.

Last night was extremely difficult to get to sleep.  Too many things rushing through my mind, and no way of stopping any of them.

This link shows, what I believe to be true... a constant going of the mind. At least my mind.  =)

Friends are wonderful, they take away thoughts at the moment and let you concentrate on just being there for them.  Family is better, but can also add to the mind wandering.

Out of sink.  Truly.
Prayers are welcome.

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