Friday, February 12, 2010

Looking back...

Looking back over your life...are you happy with the choices that you have made?

Do you find yourself questioning where you are? 

I do.

I can't believe that I had a difficult first marriage, one that I would have never thought of ending, but had to.

I am blessed with those surrounding me. Strong personalities, with dynamic choices in life.


We all have them.

I am not strong with algebra.  In high school - fine, in college not just once but twice failure.

I believe I need to conquer that fear.  Fear of hearing the doubt that was instilled by my first husband.  Doubt.

Faith - can I succeed?  Yes.  

Now, where do I sign up?  Okay - Lord, you are my rock.  Here I stand.

Thankful I am a child in God's hands.

What are your doubts?


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