Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Okay - I couldn't stand it any longer.

Two blogs!  I was out of my mind.  (I know, when am I not - heh.)  But seriously. 

I like being able to say this is all me.  My recipes, combined with the craziness of the way I think, should only belong to one blog.  Hanging...just hanging...sometimes I cook, sometimes friends cook, and sometimes we eat out.  Truth.  Okay, a lot of the time we eat out.

So I am back here...plus the sheer confusion of the other one (and), what I thought I could do there and not here...but can here...confusion.

No longer.  I am random.  I have tons of other stuff here.  I am not just recipes.  So, you will have to put up with me with all of the "other" stuff too.

I am going to be creating something different with the look here, so once again, be patient with me.  =)


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