Sunday, May 1, 2011

Memory Verse #9

Yes, I missed #8, and to be honest, I won't go back to it. 

I am using Beth's this time.  It spoke volumes to me this week.

So...Memory Verse #9:

"Rely on the Lord!  Be strong and confident! Rely on the Lord!" Psalm 27:14 
The Net Version

I must say, that this version was the only one that used the wording "rely."  Most of the others used wait, and that is fine, but more fitting for me this week is rely.  To rely:  1. to be dependent (on) 2. to have trust or confidence (in).

I can rely on Him today, and tomorrow, for many things, for ALL things.  To be dependent upon Christ is easy, to have trust or confidence is easy as well.  Not in our brothers and sisters, they can help, but to rely on Christ, His strength, awesome.

Have a blessed week my loves.

Jerry Ann

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