Thursday, July 29, 2010

Reflections of a Favorite Teacher

I follow Beth Moore's Blog over at Living Proof Ministries.

Not sure where or when my comments will post...but I felt like I needed to share on mine as well.

"Oh, my!

I grew up in a small town in Northwest Arkansas (Prairie Grove), graduating class size of 63, graduated 1984. My favorite class began with Home Economics (basic sewing, cooking), Mrs. Phyllis McGinity. I loved that class, and the way she taught. She made learning of cuts of beef fun. She talked with her hands, and would giggle throughout her lecture portion. Her eyes would close and she would smile when comments weren’t correct, but she would let you work it through. I took basic child education classes, to advanced cooking classes. My senior year, I had a free period, and became her assistant.

She really did mean the world to me. As a graduating gift, she gave me “Apples of Gold.” A beautiful little book with quotes, and scriptures for everything in life. The inscription meant the world to me, and all it said was “Thanks for smiling when I taught.” There was more written, but this meant the most.

I did attend college, but never went past the first year due to many things. I still regret not getting a degree in Home Economics, but believe that I have been gifted by her teachings, and carry many with me daily.
I think I will send her a Thank You. Teachers need to know.
Thanks Beth!
Jerry Ann"

If you have a favorite teacher, and they are still around - send them a note.  I think  it would mean the world to them.

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