Monday, September 13, 2010



Mine is normally not that busy on weekends mainly due to needing rest.  This past weekend there were commitments that I wanted to keep.  I did - I kept all of them.  Surprising even to me.

Do you say "no" when asked to do things?  Do you feel guilty if you do?  It seems lately that I do say no more.  The kids are extremely busy, but not as much as some I know. 

I am the social one in the family I think.  I like people --friends!  I enjoy them.  I want to be an encourager.  Hug, smile, and love on them. Some days are just busy.  Not enough of hugging, smiling or loving on anyone.  Schedule that time.  I plan to.  Our days are too short not to love on our friends and family.

Hug a friend, especially when they say no.  =)
Have a good Monday, and be an encourager.

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