Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Praline-Apple Bread

Oh my!
You have got to try this!

Praline-Apple Bread

I followed the recipe, although I did add a bit more apple, and pecans.

Mixing the ingredients.
Adding the apples.
I don't keep pecans well.  I normally have them in the freezer for months and months.
Yes, these were in the freezer, but I oven roasted them for about 10 minutes.
They turned out nutty, and yummy.
I followed the instructions! 
This is important for me, I normally don't.
Yes, even this...
Yummy, this is good all by itself or dip some of your leftover apples in it!
I did let it rest in the pan for about 15 minutes.
Then out on a cooling rack (that you can't see).
I got smart, and decided that the picture showed the gooey stuff
overflowing into the cooling rack (I don't do well with gooey messes).
So I placed some aluminum foil between the bread and the cooling rack.
Now all the gooey goodness is together.

Try this!!!

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Food Lover said...

mmmmm, this looks really yummy :)