Tuesday, November 13, 2012


NaBloPoMo 2012 - Day 13

Do you smile when you pass someone?  Growing up in a small town, we waved to everyone driving by, or even walking.  It was what we did.  Never really thought about it.  We smiled at people we liked and didn't like.

Living in a larger city, people look at you funny if you wave at them passing in a car.  With walking, people are friendlier, but always look uncomfortable doing it like it is forced.

I love to smile.  It is an automatic hello, welcome, and acknowledgement.  It doesn't hurt to smile.  It is the same in all languages. Yes.  Smiling in some countries people look at me funny as well.  Must not be a small town.

Smile at people today.  Make them wonder what you have been up to.  Make them feel comfortable when they walk into the room.

Smile.  It may even make you happy.

Jerry Ann

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